Prozone invests $1M in Israeli technology company Pixellot

Prozone can today announce that it has made an investment of US $1M in Israeli technology startup Pixellot.

Founded by Dr. Miky Tamir and Gal Oz, Pixellot provides a unique, high-quality and affordable alternative to traditional video capture and production processes, opening the way to a new era in outside broadcast for sports events.

Pixellot has invented and developed an ultra high resolution, unmanned video capture system with a remote proxy video production suite. This novel solution effectively automates video production by deploying a multi-camera system that covers an entire scene.

“We are very excited to bring Pixellot’s unique technology to our professional sports and broadcast clients across Europe,” said Thomas Schmider, President of the Amisco Group. “By integrating our tracking technology with Pixellot’s unique system, we aim to transform the way our clients use video and analyse performance. We look forward to working closely with Pixellot as we develop innovative commercial solutions for the professional sports and media markets.”

“We are honoured an excited to join forces with Prozone, a global leader in sports analysis,” said Dr. Tamir, Pixellot Chairman and co-founder. “Our unique production technology will be a force multiplier for Prozone’s huge pro market customer base.”

We look forward to working with Pixellot in the months and years ahead.
About Pixellot:

Pixellot was established in 2013 by Dr. Miky Tamir, who serves as an active chairman, and Gal Oz, Pixellot’s VP R&D, both with years of experience in sports and media broadcast technologies. Prior to Pixellot, Tamir and Oz co-founded SportVU, a company that developed a vision-based statistics data generation system for sports events. SportVU was acquired by STATS (a joint venture of NewsCorp and AP) in 2008. Dr. Tamir also co-founded Orad Hi-Tech, a public company specialising in real-time broadcast graphics, and served as the company’s Executive VP until 2004. During the past decade, Tamir has also co-founded Vumii, Seambi, and SterGen.

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Images: Pixellot