Applied Performance Intelligence

The Prozone Performance.LAB is a hub for analytical innovation in sport. Delivering advanced consultancy services in strategic areas such as playing style, game intelligence, team cohesion and athlete monitoring, the Performance.LAB’s development of new analytical frameworks and unique metrics help clubs to realise genuine competitive advantage.

As the application of analytics becomes increasingly widespread, clubs and organisations are continually seeking to derive a greater level of insight from their data. In this competitive environment, the Performance.LAB’s data scientists are at the forefront of sports analysis and are equipping clubs with the expertise required to implement the latest innovations.

Advanced Team/Player Profiling

The Performance.LAB’s Advanced Profiling offering can be divided into two distinct sections; Game Intelligence and Playing Styles analysis:

Game Intelligence

The Game Intelligence framework uses Prozone tracking data to quantify all dynamic interactions between players on the field. A unique and advanced methodology, Game Intelligence presents analytics that quantify player positioning, player vision, and on-field decision making.

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Playing Styles

Playing Styles analysis is an analytical platform that objectively quantifies a team’s playing style. Powered by Prozone event data, the Playing Styles platform presents innovative metrics to support the analysis of team style at season, match, possession and player levels.

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Performance Audit

The Performance.LAB offers a performance audit to enhance strategic squad management. Applying analytics to provide insights into player interrelationships and team cohesion, the performance audit helps teams understand their capacity and support future planning with the goal of sustainable, long-term success.

Using the Performance.LAB’s Teamwork Index (TWI) metric to quantify team unity, the performance audit helps teams to understand the effects of cohesion, implement data-driven strategies to improve it, and deliver significant improvements on and off the field.

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Dashboard Hub

Dashboard Hub is the online home for a range of bespoke business intelligence and data visualisation platforms. Supporting clubs with the interpretation and communication of analytical information, Dashboard Hub is designed to deliver advanced data via flexible and intuitive interfaces.

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