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Prozone has worked with the biggest clubs and organisations in world football since 1995 to deliver the game’s most accurate and insightful analysis. Providing technical, tactical and physical insights through a range of innovative technologies, Prozone provides analysis solutions to teams at all levels of the game, from local clubs to World Champions.

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Performance Analysis

Discover the nature of performance

Prozone solutions facilitate the comprehensive and objective evaluation of every aspect of performance. Accurate, bespoke and fully interactive, Prozone’s performance analysis solutions provide football clubs with tangible competitive advantage.

Athlete Monitoring

Build the complete biometric picture

From basic physical metrics to advanced injury analytics, Prozone supports football clubs with industry-leading athlete monitoring technologies and expertise. Prozone gives teams the tools to monitor physical performance across the entire training and matchday cycle, enabling advanced load analysis and injury mitigation.

“The Prozone system provides a dynamic and unique insight into the team’s performance. Prozone has continually provided (our team) with a product and service of great reliability, consistency and expertise.”

Manager, Premier League team

Asset Management

Intelligent recruiting for a changing game

Prozone’s asset management solutions enable clubs to apply greater levels of objectivity to their strategic decision-making. Bringing data-driven services to squad management, talent identification and player recruitment, let Prozone’s solutions support your organisational processes as football’s regulatory and financial landscape continues to shift.


See data in a new way

The Performance.LAB works closely with football clubs to conduct bespoke research projects and implement innovative analytical frameworks. Supporting teams with a dedicated and unique analytical resource, the Performance.LAB’s advanced research and consultancy services enable organisations to conduct analysis at a richer level of detail. Helping clubs to see data in a new way, the Performance.LAB’s work supports the application of the advanced analytics that create competitive advantage on and off the field.

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