Athlete Monitoring

Build the Complete Biometric Picture

As elite athletes are asked to cope with increasingly punishing schedules, sports scientists and medical staff are faced with the constant challenge of managing training load, optimising physical performance, and achieving high rates of athlete availability.

The priority for sports teams is to protect their most valuable assets, their athletes. Prozone’s athlete monitoring products enable staff to analyse the effect of training load on matchday performance and support the implementation of efficient and robust physical analysis processes.


The KINETIC athlete monitoring platform is designed to maximise the analysis of player load across the entire training and matchday cycle.

Supplementing clubs’ existing athlete monitoring technologies, KINETIC takes raw spatial, inertial, collision and cardio data from a combination of tracking systems. The product augments the data with individualised athlete information, applying a streamlined processing operation to deliver unique movement intelligence analysis and a single consistent output from multiple technologies.

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Dynamix is a fully customizable, online analysis platform designed to help coaching staff optimise athlete performance and mitigate injury risk by evaluating workload across the training and match situations. Integrating player tracking data and GPS information sports scientists are able to directly compare and monitor training load and matchday performance to build complete physiological profiles with more than 750 fitness parameters.

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