Asset Management

Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making

As sport’s regulatory and financial landscape continues to shift, Prozone’s asset management systems support clubs in applying greater levels of objectivity to key strategic decisions. Enabling executives and technical staff to enhance due diligence processes with a wealth of objective information, Prozone’s asset management products elevate squad management and recruitment strategies in a competitive environment.


RECRUITER is an innovative online solution that enables clubs to make technical scouting decisions supported by objective performance data. By making a global scouting database available at the click of a button, RECRUITER supplements the intuition of scouts and coaches with a wealth of technical, tactical and biographical player information to enhance the due diligence process.

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Rugby Recruiter

RUGBY RECRUITER is a global recruitment platform that supports elite rugby league and union teams with their scouting operations. Presenting multi-layered technical and biographical information, RUGBY RECRUITER is fully integrated with PORTAL and brings objectivity to key strategic decisions by enabling comprehensive search and filtering across multiple competitions and KPIs.

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